Sunday, May 15, 2022

May Monthly E Letter -

By Bill Weather

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ our king!

Well, today is May 15th and it is a full moon. It is also the full blood red moon everyone is talking about, but has no real answer to it’s sign, other than it is a sign, but of what?

I may have the answer to that because it’s in alignment to the September 12th date signs I’ve received over these last 18 months. There is a prophetic alignment going on that is quite fascinating, all leading up to that September 12th, 2022 date.

For one, it is an expiration date. It is 777, 21 years, after the events of 911, September 11, 2001. Once this expiration date is complete, the grace period is over and atonement will need to be made for the lies, mass murder and war propagated from 911.

Another alignment I’ve been watching is that on March 16th, 2022, a major 7.4 quake struck off the shore of Fukushima Japan. That is 180 days to September 12th, 2022. This blood red moon today is 120 days from September 12th. There are many different kinds of contractual agreements that have 180 and 120 day notices to them. I believe this is what these are, official notices.

In farming, there are contracts that stipulate that a farmer can be evicted from a land with a 180 day notice, which is a standard. If a community land is closing by the landlord or the government, they must also give, in many cases a 180 day notice. There are also 180 day notices in legal court case filings as well.

There are standard 120 day notices as well, in real estate, legal notices, trusts, opt out notices, property vacating and selling evictions.

By the 7.4 quake in Japan and the blood red moon, it looks like God is giving eviction/judgment/legal notices. But this is not all. There has been a count down to September 12th going on now with much more backing it.

For instance, in the 17 confirmations to the Pacific tsunami coming at the site, in confirmation #10, I list several weekly countdowns of biblically significant numbers to that date. A skeptic like me needs signs in order to take something God is giving me serious. With major pieces to the puzzle, especially all the signs given to watch for tsunami weeks before the California mega quake, this is all coming together like the perfect pieces of the puzzle.

So, we’ve had the 180 day notice by the Japan quake. We now have the 120 day notice by the blood red moon. What will be the next look out, is a 90 day notice and many of you know, contractually, this is one of the most standard and well known legal notices on many kinds of contracts. 90 days from 9/12/22 is June 14th. So, we need to watch for something coming up on June 14th that will give us that metaphorical prophetic 90 day notice.

There are also 60 day and 30 day notices in many contracts, so those too, we will need to watch for, leading up to what I believe is coming, the Pacific tsunami from the Japan mega quake. With the all these signs, including the 12 testimonies in Confirmation #3 in the 17 confirmations, revealing the tsunami weeks before the California mega quake, we have no lack of signs to watch for this prophetic scenario to take place. As a prophetic watchman in the Lord, with a track record, I can tell you, this is stronger than what I had for the crash of 2020 (see For over a year now, I've been saying the tsunami is an "eviction notice." We are starting to get those notices with the 180 and 120 day event/signs leading up to September 12th.

Here is what appears to be another big sign, full magnitude of the blood red moon over San Francisco at 9:11 pm...

We continue to warn people to store food and get it while its cheap, because once the tsunami and mega quake hits, California will be in a big hurt and this is where we get much of our food. In fact, we get nearly all of our almonds, figs, olives, dates, raisins, plums and other foods from California. With Ukraine out, from the war, we are seeing some food price inflation. This will add much more to that.

There are actually a multiple of problems, including chain supply issues that are increasing costs. And this a huge issue coming up. The chain supply will blow up from the tsunami. You’ve heard about those many cargo ships stuck out to sea from congested back log? Well the tsunami will take them out as well as our ports. Do you know how much comes in thru California ports? It’s over a whopping FORTY %. Imagine 40% of products not getting to market. Imagine over TWENTY% of exports not going out and all those jobs lost, and businesses bankrupt. Folks, this is not just another Wall St monopoly money crash that’s coming. This is going to hit you and I on main street worse than the other crashes.

With the prophesied crash of the US dollar (watching for August) by 30%, that alone will make food sky rocket in price. But then, imagine our ports taken out by tsunami and then later by mega quake, with over FORTY % of products not reaching market, plus California food supply in jeopardy. We are in for a massive Shemitah season like we’ve never seen before. This is why I and others are sounding the alarm.. STORE FOOD!!!

I encourage you to read the previous 2 months of these monthly e letters to see much more of what the God has been revealing and there are no lack of signs warning us of what’s to come.

I continue to be here in California, daily warning with flyers on cars, of the California mega quake and tsunami coming. When they see the tsunami as a major sign, then they will know they need to flee this state if they want to escape the mega quake and only have weeks to get out. I now have like close to 170,000 flyers out since November with no help whatsoever from anyone in big Christian media who could reach many California Christians, but are deaf and dumb and entertaining those taking up space in things that are not near as a priority as this. But someone in these last forty days put two huge internet pumps on my site and in two days, I had around 15,000 visitors. On the other pump, I had over 25,000 visitors. Not sure who or what is doing that, but it sure is encouraging that this word is getting out.

Until the next one, I can’t stress it enough, STORE FOOD, like Joseph.

See you in the next monthly e letter, and please help others by linking them to this.

In Christ, Weather

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  1. Watch "Troubling Times are Coming Upon Us" by Fr. Jim Blount. At the 26:00 minute mark he talks about George Washington's visions (about winning Valley Forge, the Civil War, and the Final War) - and described the invasion by China and Russia similar to your dreams. Go in Peace brother Bill!