Monday, December 20, 2021

 December 2021 prophecy update (edited Dec 30th)

Greeting friends in the mighty name of Jesus Christ our king!

Well, I had a lil miracle happen, but sometimes these things are a confoundment. I was praying over my laptop for the failing number buttons to work right. Immediately after praying that prayer, they began to work perfectly and I hadn't had a problem with it till recently. That's a little confusing, isn't?

At the site I uploaded a most amazing link called The Amazing 17 CONFIRMATIONS, to the tsunami and mega quake coming Sept/Oct 2022. I think you'll find some of those signs quite fascinating, including newer signs God has given me more recently that are not in the book.

I am here in California flyering cars like mad. I now have out about 37,000 flyers. I get out about 1,000 to 2,000 a day, depending on my energy level and how packed the lots are. 

 I used to make $60-$80 an hour in my electrical contracting business, but the kingdom labor I do now will pay out way way more in eternity than any money I could make or give, in souls getting saved.

The holidays are upon us and I don't care much for them. I like to treat every day alike , as a steady eddie. Xmas here today, gone tomorrow. It's too fleeting for my taste buds. If I was married and had kids, I might care more, but this peculiar calling has demanded a payment, that I be unattached to such things, so to fulfill this mission to California. 

I was listening to a sister Kathryn Krick, whose ministry is  amazing in deliverance and healing. And in one of her sermons she mentions that the bigger the building, the deeper the foundation needs to be layed. And the higher the calling, the more time it's gonna take to mold one into that calling. Like Moses 40 years in his wait, like Jesus, waiting decades for his ministry to start, I've had to go thru some stumbling and refining for 13 years and I am now in my calling and God is backing it up with signs, dreams, confirmations, and these 16 confirmations page, gives the updated move of God on this! Give him praise people! Give him praise! He is doing great things!

Until next month, be blessed in Jesus!

Bill Weather