Tuesday, November 16, 2021

 November 2021 Prophetic Update - 911quake.com

The dream linked page at 911quake.com now has several new significant prophetic dreams I listed there. These set of dreams are some of the most Holy Spirit revealing insight for when WW3 is coming. I also added more insight to the Red Horses dream, from July 2018, showing a triple synchronicity pointing to 2024/2025. God reveals more, line upon line and insight upon insight. These dreams were so significant, I felt the need to list them individually instead of inside these monthly updates.

I keep getting these dreams and signs of WW3, pointing to 2024 or 2025, like God is cloaking it's exact timing from me, but showing me close to the time of 2024 or 2025, but not pin pointing me to a more exact time. I trust that he's giving me all he can for now and may reveal more later. I'm not too concerned with that right now because of the tsunami and Cali mega quake events up next, but this latest set of dreams is quite the stir.

I am now here in California to warn of Sept/Oct 2022. The plan is to be here into August of 2022. I will try to alert pastors of what's coming and hope a few of them will listen, to sound the alarm when the tsunami sign strikes weeks before the mega quake. I just mailed out over 500 booklets of the California Yom Kippur book to big and medium size churches as well as  to Teen Challenge and YWAM in California.

I will also be flyering, out the general public,  in hopes of some of the people investigating this at the web site, so they too could escape upon the tsunami sign. Here is a picture of that flyer. >>>>>>>>>>>>

I just had recent incredible number signs given to me from a dream I had back in 2012. The dream is called “Kickoff Return.” It was a metaphorical dream about me returning to California with the mega quake prophetic word. In that dream, I put on the #37 jersey and took off running. For years I wondered what that number 37 meant. Now I know. God knows I always add up the number of dates the same way to see if there’s a number sign to it. Well the mega quake date I was given in the California Yom Kippur dream adds up to 10+5+22= #37. That’s it. The Kickoff return dream is also the 22nd dream given of my list of close to 70 dreams now. God had encoded the date and the year in that dream 9 years ago. What is also spectacular is that, the dream that kicked off everything was on 10/15/11. If you add the days from there to the date of the Kickoff Return dream, on 5/24/12, it adds up to 222 days, another of the many incredible 222 signs. Those unfamiliar with so many of my God given number signs may find this speculative, but trust me, this is significant one, just like the date in the exact day baseball dream prophecy, foretelling the Covid crash 2 years to the day, before it happened (exactdayprophecy.blogspot.com)

I have a new Holy Spirit message for the church and big Christian media who has put me and these incredible already fulfilled prophecies on ignore, way more prophetic info than all their "prophets" who just prophesy generalizations and false prophecy as well.

The message is "3 Strikes And You're Out!" BCM (Big Christian Media), you ignored Christ in me, even prophesying to the exact date of the 2020 crash (exactdayprophecy.blogspot.com). You continue to ignore Christ in me prophesying the time of the tsunami and mega quake. That will be strike 2 and cost many lives to your shame because you were too busy and diverted by much noise from others. You showed you had no discernment. BCM, I sent you by snail mail, everything you needed to prove these things to you. You are without excuse.

However, upon strike 2, some will arise to see of what's up next, strike 3 for those who refuse to see and that is the coming of WW3.    

There will be a pitch in between strike 2 and strike 3 that will be fouled off. That will be a revolution in the US, a false hope and a diversion to what's coming right soon after, WW3. 

BCM, 3 strikes and you're out!

BCM, it does have to be this way. You could prepare the people of God  for WW3, but it's too bad that you will cater to the futurists who have no modern track record of major event prophecy, but only bible conjuring. None of those conjuring futurists foretold the events of 911, the 2008 housing crash or even the 2020 crash. They have no track record of prophecy , like given and fulfilled here, and yet BCM, you put Christ in me on ignore? Yes, to the detriment of our brethren. When will you ignore hype and sponsor substance , so the lives of brethren might be saved? Prophecy with timing, fulfilled, proving God in trying to prepare his people for what's to come. But BCM, you're old and have grown senile in the Spirit. A move of God upon you in the past, and you're still stuck in your old Kansas city prophets who are now dead. God is raising up new voices and you are missing it!

     Will you awaken out of your past works that have puffed you up? You don't even search for those with true prophecy and you've sponsored those with false prophecy that told you trump would be in for a 2nd consecutive term. How can that be a good witness? 3 strikes and you're out, but it doesn't have to be that way. Redeem yourselves upon your big swing and miss on the 2nd strike because you won't believe till it happens. Go on now, to divert the people of God, oh you watchmen with a bazillion headlines and rabbit trails, till you eat crow in Sept and Oct 2022 because you ignored this word with many lives at stake.

      You want pleasantries? This is not the day for it! Lives are at stake. What will you do BCM? I tell you what you will do. You will give a big swing and miss! Strike 2 !!! One more and you're out!

With prejudice in Christ, Weather