Saturday, July 31, 2021

 7/31/21 update

A couple days ago, I drove up to Mt Mitchell to escape a very hot day. For several day I was wondering what God might show me from my odometer turning to 77,000 miles because he's often times, used my odometer numbers as significant signs to me. Well, after running around town, I headed up to Mt Mitchell and at the very top, as I parked, this is what my odometer showed.

At the very top, I reached the number of fullness, 77,000. It was also 70 degrees. The 12:34 tells me what time is left for the US > 1,2,3,4 years left before WW3 because we are near the 4 years left mark to 2025, when I expect WW3 and more precisely, 3.5 years from there to fall of 2028, when all the evidence is pointing to his coming then.
See on more of that.

As God gave me the exact date of the 2020 covid crash in 018, and other exact dates and precise prophecy, so too, this is another sign he's given me to watch for WW3 at that time. 
see for more on that.

I also am giving a prophetic alert (not a prophecy) and watch for this September because that is the time the 7 cow of prosperity's time is expired. Be on watch.