Sunday, May 15, 2022

May Monthly E Letter -

By Bill Weather

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ our king!

Well, today is May 15th and it is a full moon. It is also the full blood red moon everyone is talking about, but has no real answer to it’s sign, other than it is a sign, but of what?

I may have the answer to that because it’s in alignment to the September 12th date signs I’ve received over these last 18 months. There is a prophetic alignment going on that is quite fascinating, all leading up to that September 12th, 2022 date.

For one, it is an expiration date. It is 777, 21 years, after the events of 911, September 11, 2001. Once this expiration date is complete, the grace period is over and atonement will need to be made for the lies, mass murder and war propagated from 911.

Another alignment I’ve been watching is that on March 16th, 2022, a major 7.4 quake struck off the shore of Fukushima Japan. That is 180 days to September 12th, 2022. This blood red moon today is 120 days from September 12th. There are many different kinds of contractual agreements that have 180 and 120 day notices to them. I believe this is what these are, official notices.

In farming, there are contracts that stipulate that a farmer can be evicted from a land with a 180 day notice, which is a standard. If a community land is closing by the landlord or the government, they must also give, in many cases a 180 day notice. There are also 180 day notices in legal court case filings as well.

There are standard 120 day notices as well, in real estate, legal notices, trusts, opt out notices, property vacating and selling evictions.

By the 7.4 quake in Japan and the blood red moon, it looks like God is giving eviction/judgment/legal notices. But this is not all. There has been a count down to September 12th going on now with much more backing it.

For instance, in the 17 confirmations to the Pacific tsunami coming at the site, in confirmation #10, I list several weekly countdowns of biblically significant numbers to that date. A skeptic like me needs signs in order to take something God is giving me serious. With major pieces to the puzzle, especially all the signs given to watch for tsunami weeks before the California mega quake, this is all coming together like the perfect pieces of the puzzle.

So, we’ve had the 180 day notice by the Japan quake. We now have the 120 day notice by the blood red moon. What will be the next look out, is a 90 day notice and many of you know, contractually, this is one of the most standard and well known legal notices on many kinds of contracts. 90 days from 9/12/22 is June 14th. So, we need to watch for something coming up on June 14th that will give us that metaphorical prophetic 90 day notice.

There are also 60 day and 30 day notices in many contracts, so those too, we will need to watch for, leading up to what I believe is coming, the Pacific tsunami from the Japan mega quake. With the all these signs, including the 12 testimonies in Confirmation #3 in the 17 confirmations, revealing the tsunami weeks before the California mega quake, we have no lack of signs to watch for this prophetic scenario to take place. As a prophetic watchman in the Lord, with a track record, I can tell you, this is stronger than what I had for the crash of 2020 (see For over a year now, I've been saying the tsunami is an "eviction notice." We are starting to get those notices with the 180 and 120 day event/signs leading up to September 12th.

Here is what appears to be another big sign, full magnitude of the blood red moon over San Francisco at 9:11 pm...

We continue to warn people to store food and get it while its cheap, because once the tsunami and mega quake hits, California will be in a big hurt and this is where we get much of our food. In fact, we get nearly all of our almonds, figs, olives, dates, raisins, plums and other foods from California. With Ukraine out, from the war, we are seeing some food price inflation. This will add much more to that.

There are actually a multiple of problems, including chain supply issues that are increasing costs. And this a huge issue coming up. The chain supply will blow up from the tsunami. You’ve heard about those many cargo ships stuck out to sea from congested back log? Well the tsunami will take them out as well as our ports. Do you know how much comes in thru California ports? It’s over a whopping FORTY %. Imagine 40% of products not getting to market. Imagine over TWENTY% of exports not going out and all those jobs lost, and businesses bankrupt. Folks, this is not just another Wall St monopoly money crash that’s coming. This is going to hit you and I on main street worse than the other crashes.

With the prophesied crash of the US dollar (watching for August) by 30%, that alone will make food sky rocket in price. But then, imagine our ports taken out by tsunami and then later by mega quake, with over FORTY % of products not reaching market, plus California food supply in jeopardy. We are in for a massive Shemitah season like we’ve never seen before. This is why I and others are sounding the alarm.. STORE FOOD!!!

I encourage you to read the previous 2 months of these monthly e letters to see much more of what the God has been revealing and there are no lack of signs warning us of what’s to come.

I continue to be here in California, daily warning with flyers on cars, of the California mega quake and tsunami coming. When they see the tsunami as a major sign, then they will know they need to flee this state if they want to escape the mega quake and only have weeks to get out. I now have like close to 170,000 flyers out since November with no help whatsoever from anyone in big Christian media who could reach many California Christians, but are deaf and dumb and entertaining those taking up space in things that are not near as a priority as this. But someone in these last forty days put two huge internet pumps on my site and in two days, I had around 15,000 visitors. On the other pump, I had over 25,000 visitors. Not sure who or what is doing that, but it sure is encouraging that this word is getting out.

Until the next one, I can’t stress it enough, STORE FOOD, like Joseph.

See you in the next monthly e letter, and please help others by linking them to this.

In Christ, Weather

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

April 2022 Monthly E-Letter… Bill Weather 

Greetings in the amazing name of Jesus Christ, supernaturally healing people world wide and well documented at . The whole wide world is without excuse.

Remember that e-letter from last month, I released on March 15th? How I described signs given of the currency trouble coming? Well 10 days later, a famous and quite anointed man of God by the name of Chris Reed, had a spectacular dream of all of this. In case you don’t know who Christ Reed is, he is like, the most anointed in the entire world with the gift of the word of knowledge. I’ve seen him live doing ministry. His Holy Spirit anointing calls out peoples names, addresses, dates of birth, relatives names, occupations, and troubles people have. He has quite a fascinating Holy Spirit gift.

Well, in this dream he dreamt on March 25th, he saw a 50 dollar bill being ripped by a third.

Then people brought him newspaper headlines which upon that rip, which read “US dollar looses 30% on China middle east oil deal,” “Inflation reaches new high,” “food shortage crisis,” “wheat imports halted,” and “riots and civil unrest.”

Then he saw another tare out of the dollar, so that only half of it was left. Upon that tare, there was an earthquake, then he saw a headline that read “Israel Palestine 2 state solution reached.” Right after that headline, another headline came “Major quake hits middle of America.”

Friends, from last month’s news letter, it shows 2 signs this will begin in August, so we need to prepare to store food, and use up our paper money supply in things we are going to need before it looses 30%, then goes down to 50%, when the quakes hit or be invested in gold and silver so it won’t loose it’s purchasing power.

This confirmation from Chris Reed of what is soon to come, is quite the backing to take this prophetic word serious and begin to start prepping now!

I believe soon after that middle east china oil deal, then we see the tsunami from Japan, which weeks later, will be that 1st quake Christ Reed saw in his dream. If I’m right, it’s all going to happen very fast, between August and October.

Did you see that Putin has now backed the ruble with gold? Well, it’s a pseudo backing. No one can actually go and cash in rubles for gold, but it has Europe scrambling to figure out how they are going to get by without Russian oil. I think secretly, they will have to buy the Ruble instead of the us dollar, to pay for oil to keep afloat. Well, the day that announcement came out, that Putin is backing the Ruble with gold, was the 7 year anniversary of my God given dream, “The Dogs of Dollar Death.” What a sign! And in that dream shows the dollar going down, in phases, just like Chris Reed’s dream, an overnight devaluation from the China/ middle east oil deal, shown in the scissored cut of it from the dream and then a pounding down of the dollar from other troubles….

I may not have the picture from the dogs of dollar death dream exactly showing a 30% and then to 50% cut of it, like in Chris Reed’s dream, but it’s close. I find it fascinating that Putin’s price he put on the Ruble to gold makes the dollar 30% less, on the 7 year anniversary of this dream and also matching Chris Reed’s dream of a 30% drop in the dollar coming. Those are some pretty neeto matching prophetic signs/confirmations Lord. Also in my dogs of dollar death dream, the dollars sent back to me were from south east asia. Umm, isn't that where China is? And the dollars sent back to me cut up, were worth $3500. For years, I couldn't figure that part of the dream out. I think it's this. $3500 is half of $7000, seven being the number of fullness, so the dollar is cut in half, $3500 being half of the fullness, like in Chris Reed's dream, 50% drop coming. Just alotta eye opening synchronicity there.

I have transitioned this month from Southern California to Northern California and am here in San Jose California to continue on in this mission trip to warn people of what’s coming here in Sept/Oct. I will continue here till August to warn the people. I also discovered that I am getting more people paying attention who are college age, not the cynical 30-60 year olds. I was going to Costcos and Walmarts a lot in So Cal, flyering cars of the tsunami/earthquake message, till last month, when began going to colleges and am getting much better results in people visiting the web site and getting the vital info. At least I know they are paying attention and once this generation sees this sign come to pass, they will believe and come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Halleluyah! The seed I’m sowing today is going to reap a huge harvest of people awakening to the saving power of Jesus Christ. Please pray for my protection and for people to awaken from this prophetic word being given.

I’m in my fifties and my body is feeling the effects of many miles a day walking and fliyering cars. I am wanting God to proving me the money for an electric scooter. I already have the money, but I want him to make room in my budget so I don’t have to take from other areas of giving and investing. No I'm not soliciting donations and don’t anyone send me anything. I’ll do this myself, with God’s grace. I’m just telling you what’s going on with me and I think I can reach a lot more people with an electric scooter, instead of time and energy waisted in some of my more difficult challenges in sufficiently accessing college areas.

My Van I am living out of is doing great. No problems and am thankful for it’s nice RV finish buildout I did on it back in 2018/19 in prepping for this very ministry of this prophetic word I’m doing right now.

The weather out here is amazing, nice and moderate and the air is dry and light, unlike back east, with it’s extremes, speaking of which, the heartland is getting pummeled by tornados and storms and floods. Thank God Jesus is coming soon and is going to end all that, but right before he comes, its gonna get a lot worse. We shouldn’t worry if you or I might die before he comes. It might be so bad, that we may not want to live thru all of that, but this is a once in an eternal chance to make a difference in the lives of people before its too late to be that. We are truly living in a great time to be alive and see a massive end time harvest awakening coming. This is what tribulation does. It wakes people up to see what’s really important and most important, God and his kingdom to come to end this mess down here, so be encouraged and prepare to make an eternal difference in the lives of people you meet in that tribulation, that they would see your peace in the midst of the storm and want more of him living in you. Until the next news letter, pray for this ministry and God’s hand to be strong upon it. Yes, please pray pray pray for this ministry and for God to lead me to those who can be awoken.

In Christ, Weather.

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

 Greeting friends, in the name of Jesus Christ, our coming King.

I feel very tense about this month's e-letter update because of what I recently have seen and heard... and that is, a timing to watch for when the US dollar gets almost overnight, pummeled by like 30% to 50%.

A recent article by Michael Snyder hit me hard. His letters usually don't grab me too hard, but this one did, because it was a serious match of a prophetic dream I recently heard, which is also aligning with the up coming Shemitah season (economic crashes every 7 years).

In the Michael Snyder letter, he describes how China is in negotiations and offering the Saudis very lucrative incentives to trade their oil in Chinese currency, the Yuan. If that happens, it would be an economic earthquake as big as the mega quake coming to ruin California in October. It would set off an economic domino effect of extreme hyperinflation, at first making everything overnight cost like 30 to 50% more.

What really has me on big watch is this prophetic dream that was given late February as a possible confirmation to watch. The implications are astronomical.

Now bare with me for a bit because I have another confirmation to all this that is quite the tell. If you look up in my 17 confirmations to the California mega quake coming, confirmation number 10, in there I discuss some truly incredible synchronicities that occurred on August 22nd... here is a picture of those numbers...

Now, the date in the dream above is stamped 2/25/21. In 6 months, that would be 8/25/21. A month is 30 days, but sometimes 31 days. By adding in the 31st day of March, May and July, you arrive at  6 - 30/31 day months on August 22nd, which is a Monday. Now when you understand the world of finance, they never make major moves in the market, in the middle of the week, which would be Thursday, August 25th. The would do it on a Monday...ala... August 22nd. You've heard of Black Monday, the 1987 stock market crash? Well this one might be titled Red Monday, or "Blood Monday" for Red China blood in the streets.

So this is something to prepare for that I believe could be coming then. How to prepare? A very low risk move would be to put your savings in gold or silver mid August. if nothing should happen, you could sell it back to the market in a short time to get all your US dollars back (why would you anyway?). That's a safe bet. If the dollar should be devalued, the stock market would be repriced to reflect the devaluing, so it would go up big, but then crash in a massive sell off. However, gold would be more stable than silver and in the months following, continue to climb because the .gov would be forced to print way more money to bail out everyone.

Times are going to get very volatile this up coming Shemitah. With also the California mega quake taking out a major economic engine of this country, that would really devalue the dollar, making everything go up huge in price, especially food and when the food becomes unaffordable, it always leads to revolution, just like prophesied in a few of my prophetic dreams and as well as from others getting that same prophetic information.

So here we have some synchronicity to watch on and I wouldn't take it lightly. The Chinese are a crafty bunch and the offer will be too good for the Saudis... 

Hence, would we see a false flag opp again,  to pin it on the Saudis? That is also something to watch, of which those simple minded have no idea and are oblivious.

We are in for some serious shaking. I continue to warn Californians of what is coming their way Sept and October. I now have over 100,000 flyers out and continue daily to flyer cars warning them of the judgment that is going to befall this State then. 

Until the next one, please pray for my protection and his leading. I'm spiritually doing well and continue to spread this word in hopes of awakening  anyone who would simply remember what was told them in the flier when it comes to pass, which will, as God draws, lead them to the saving grace of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Is'nt that what its all about? And should'nt we expect there to be great shakings right before he comes? So why are some of you so fearful? Let's see how strong we'll be when this actually occurs, amen? Until then, look up, and pray how you might be a faithful steward to eventually give it all away in some form, whether that be feeding people, helping pay bills, or offering compassion and hope to someone in need.

in Christ, Weather.

Monday, February 21, 2022

Bill Weather - Main Page

Greetings Friends, in the name of Jesus Christ, no other name by which we can be saved.

We have several new awesome prophetic sign developments since I last wrote.

The first one that comes to mind is an amazing prophecy watch I issued from last year, in March of 2021. Read thru to understand. That prophecy watch is at . Here’s a lil pic of it…

But instead of the Daytona race to open the Nascar 2022 season, they switched it to “The Clash” and of all places, in California.

Joey Logano, car  22, won this race, as prophetically given above, to watch for

Moving the opening season race from Daytona to California, is an even greater confirmation, since that’s where the mega quake will be. Boom! As said above, when I posted this, Nascar fans mocked me, but they do not understand prophecy and how God speaks thru prophecy, the creation and events to tell us what’s ahead, that an utterly terrible crash is coming to California thru the mega quake.

As far as the Daytona race, #Joey Logano car 22, crashed with 50 laps to go. That’s at the 50th lap of 200 laps. That’s at the 75% mark of the race. 75% of the year (race) is to early October, when the mega quake is coming (as prophesied to me in this dream and many other signs) , so there’s our sign in the Daytona race, 2022 good till early October (with the sept tsunami exception), then the crash, just like #22 in the Daytona race and just like I warned of in 2021 in the above blog. So that's 2 thoughts I posted in 2021 to watch for,  that have come to pass, in the LA car #22 win to open the Nascar season in place of Daytona, and the car #22 Daytona crash, at the 75% mark of the year for early October.

Since our last chat, I’ve put up some new blogs which I’m sure you’ll find quite intriguing.

In the blog, I list my signs of the timing to world war three. I have 6 of them thus far and am watching for if Yah gives me more.

I started a historicist blog at , which has memes expaining the historicist view of the book of revelation. I always had a historicist view, but could never put all the pieces together, until I ran into the most amazing book on it all called Revelation Timeline Decoded. That book did it for me, especially when I read of the amazing 5 timelines in it from Revelation already fulfilled with major historical events backing. I encourage everyone to get that seven dollar amazon book. It is so worth it, but from that, I felt the need to condense all the info, so I made the blog. I also made the blog as well, showing, Revelation 13 in every way, has already historically been fulfilled. I know that sounds crazy to some of you, but the historical account of no buying and selling to protesters of Papal Rome, with the many 666 backing signs pointing to the Papacy, how could I deny it? Please, just deny the triggers in your mind and go there. You will see. It’s been fulfilled.

Based on all the prophetic info given to me from on high, I see world war three is coming to interrupt the globalists plans of a cashless world everyone is touting. Just because they have those plans and technology in place, does not mean it’s gonna happen. For that, we would need to do away with dollar hegemony and if you think the powers that be want that, you’re sadly mistaken. They make huge profits off of competing currencies and sucking people dry trying to play them. Why would they want a global currency to remove that profiteering? It would be like big pharma inventing a cure for cancer. They could no longer make billions of dollars on it. Do you think they want us to have free energy, like the water powered car Stanly Meyer invented? Their oil/gas and electric car lithium mining industries would collapse and thus, trillions lost. Why would they want that?

I also recently had a prophetic dream called World War 3 Children, at In it, God is metaphorically showing a revolution coming, then as a sign right before WW3, huge military equipment leaving the US for another war overseas, which will be a diversion. We need to keep an eye out for that in the future.

I was also watching the NFL playoffs recently for prophetic signs, since over the years, I’ve seen quite the signs in the team matchups of the super bowl portray metaphorically, current events or prophecy. I was praying for an NFL game months ago that would give us another confirmation of the California mega quake to come and man, I think I got it. That NFC championship between the San Francisco 49ers and the LA Rams was that game, 2 California teams. I snapped some pics of that game. On LA Ram’s first drive, they took the ball down to the 22 yard line at 9:11 on the clock. On the last dash of hope, play of the game for San Fran 49ers, they were on the 22 yard line and could go no further, God telling me San Francisco will go no further. That city will not make it to 23. The mega quake is gonna destroy that place. The 3rd sign in the game, to some of you may seem speculative, but God has given me the #37 as a sign in a dream (all about California) years ago with confirmations and the final score wound up being 20 to 17= 37 points. San Francisco is getting rammed this October and it will be the biggest event in the last 20 years.

We need to watch for tsunami is September as well, as the Shemitah event, Tokyo Japan getting mega quaked and sending tsunami across the pacific to wreck much of the west coast, as a pre mega quake sign. I’m here in California warning churches and people here thru flyers on cars and going to Pastors with my book, giving it freely to them. My plans are to be here thru July, maybe into August some, then getting out of here before these events come to wreck this state. Of course, as some of you know, this has been overwhelmingly confirmed in the 17 Confirmations at the site. If you downloaded the book from there in the past, well, the new one is up with much more, of course, still for free without charge.

I know there are some new ideas here to chew on, some even may be challenging, but if you do the research, you’ll find why my critical thinking skills kicked in to thoroughly investigate these issues of prophecy and I hope you’ll give it a fair heaing at . Here is a meme of what I’m talking about

Now is the time to set a 2 to 3 year plan in storing massive food and water filters, to prepare for ww3. Start now. Take some steps each week. Pace yourself and keep prepping. God bless you as you do this to presere the life of you, your family, friends and a helping a few strangers along the way. We can avoid much suffering in the short season of WW3 to come, if we will take those steps to prepare. Until then, be a witness for Christ. Shine his light where it can be received. Contend for the souls of those who are lost. Warn them of what’s to come and keep striving for holiness and staying clean. We are surrounded by fools who continue to blast lies and cultural crap in mass media and social media. Their doom is sealed if they don’t repent. Their lives are ending soon, but the best of ours is yet to come. Look up and rejoice…

in Christ, Weather.

Monday, December 20, 2021

 December 2021 prophecy update (edited Dec 30th)

Greeting friends in the mighty name of Jesus Christ our king!

Well, I had a lil miracle happen, but sometimes these things are a confoundment. I was praying over my laptop for the failing number buttons to work right. Immediately after praying that prayer, they began to work perfectly and I hadn't had a problem with it till recently. That's a little confusing, isn't?

At the site I uploaded a most amazing link called The Amazing 17 CONFIRMATIONS, to the tsunami and mega quake coming Sept/Oct 2022. I think you'll find some of those signs quite fascinating, including newer signs God has given me more recently that are not in the book.

I am here in California flyering cars like mad. I now have out about 37,000 flyers. I get out about 1,000 to 2,000 a day, depending on my energy level and how packed the lots are. 

 I used to make $60-$80 an hour in my electrical contracting business, but the kingdom labor I do now will pay out way way more in eternity than any money I could make or give, in souls getting saved.

The holidays are upon us and I don't care much for them. I like to treat every day alike , as a steady eddie. Xmas here today, gone tomorrow. It's too fleeting for my taste buds. If I was married and had kids, I might care more, but this peculiar calling has demanded a payment, that I be unattached to such things, so to fulfill this mission to California. 

I was listening to a sister Kathryn Krick, whose ministry is  amazing in deliverance and healing. And in one of her sermons she mentions that the bigger the building, the deeper the foundation needs to be layed. And the higher the calling, the more time it's gonna take to mold one into that calling. Like Moses 40 years in his wait, like Jesus, waiting decades for his ministry to start, I've had to go thru some stumbling and refining for 13 years and I am now in my calling and God is backing it up with signs, dreams, confirmations, and these 16 confirmations page, gives the updated move of God on this! Give him praise people! Give him praise! He is doing great things!

Until next month, be blessed in Jesus!

Bill Weather

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

 November 2021 Prophetic Update -

The dream linked page at now has several new significant prophetic dreams I listed there. These set of dreams are some of the most Holy Spirit revealing insight for when WW3 is coming. I also added more insight to the Red Horses dream, from July 2018, showing a triple synchronicity pointing to 2024/2025. God reveals more, line upon line and insight upon insight. These dreams were so significant, I felt the need to list them individually instead of inside these monthly updates.

I keep getting these dreams and signs of WW3, pointing to 2024 or 2025, like God is cloaking it's exact timing from me, but showing me close to the time of 2024 or 2025, but not pin pointing me to a more exact time. I trust that he's giving me all he can for now and may reveal more later. I'm not too concerned with that right now because of the tsunami and Cali mega quake events up next, but this latest set of dreams is quite the stir.

I am now here in California to warn of Sept/Oct 2022. The plan is to be here into August of 2022. I will try to alert pastors of what's coming and hope a few of them will listen, to sound the alarm when the tsunami sign strikes weeks before the mega quake. I just mailed out over 500 booklets of the California Yom Kippur book to big and medium size churches as well as  to Teen Challenge and YWAM in California.

I will also be flyering, out the general public,  in hopes of some of the people investigating this at the web site, so they too could escape upon the tsunami sign. Here is a picture of that flyer. >>>>>>>>>>>>

I just had recent incredible number signs given to me from a dream I had back in 2012. The dream is called “Kickoff Return.” It was a metaphorical dream about me returning to California with the mega quake prophetic word. In that dream, I put on the #37 jersey and took off running. For years I wondered what that number 37 meant. Now I know. God knows I always add up the number of dates the same way to see if there’s a number sign to it. Well the mega quake date I was given in the California Yom Kippur dream adds up to 10+5+22= #37. That’s it. The Kickoff return dream is also the 22nd dream given of my list of close to 70 dreams now. God had encoded the date and the year in that dream 9 years ago. What is also spectacular is that, the dream that kicked off everything was on 10/15/11. If you add the days from there to the date of the Kickoff Return dream, on 5/24/12, it adds up to 222 days, another of the many incredible 222 signs. Those unfamiliar with so many of my God given number signs may find this speculative, but trust me, this is significant one, just like the date in the exact day baseball dream prophecy, foretelling the Covid crash 2 years to the day, before it happened (

I have a new Holy Spirit message for the church and big Christian media who has put me and these incredible already fulfilled prophecies on ignore, way more prophetic info than all their "prophets" who just prophesy generalizations and false prophecy as well.

The message is "3 Strikes And You're Out!" BCM (Big Christian Media), you ignored Christ in me, even prophesying to the exact date of the 2020 crash ( You continue to ignore Christ in me prophesying the time of the tsunami and mega quake. That will be strike 2 and cost many lives to your shame because you were too busy and diverted by much noise from others. You showed you had no discernment. BCM, I sent you by snail mail, everything you needed to prove these things to you. You are without excuse.

However, upon strike 2, some will arise to see of what's up next, strike 3 for those who refuse to see and that is the coming of WW3.    

There will be a pitch in between strike 2 and strike 3 that will be fouled off. That will be a revolution in the US, a false hope and a diversion to what's coming right soon after, WW3. 

BCM, 3 strikes and you're out!

BCM, it does have to be this way. You could prepare the people of God  for WW3, but it's too bad that you will cater to the futurists who have no modern track record of major event prophecy, but only bible conjuring. None of those conjuring futurists foretold the events of 911, the 2008 housing crash or even the 2020 crash. They have no track record of prophecy , like given and fulfilled here, and yet BCM, you put Christ in me on ignore? Yes, to the detriment of our brethren. When will you ignore hype and sponsor substance , so the lives of brethren might be saved? Prophecy with timing, fulfilled, proving God in trying to prepare his people for what's to come. But BCM, you're old and have grown senile in the Spirit. A move of God upon you in the past, and you're still stuck in your old Kansas city prophets who are now dead. God is raising up new voices and you are missing it!

     Will you awaken out of your past works that have puffed you up? You don't even search for those with true prophecy and you've sponsored those with false prophecy that told you trump would be in for a 2nd consecutive term. How can that be a good witness? 3 strikes and you're out, but it doesn't have to be that way. Redeem yourselves upon your big swing and miss on the 2nd strike because you won't believe till it happens. Go on now, to divert the people of God, oh you watchmen with a bazillion headlines and rabbit trails, till you eat crow in Sept and Oct 2022 because you ignored this word with many lives at stake.

      You want pleasantries? This is not the day for it! Lives are at stake. What will you do BCM? I tell you what you will do. You will give a big swing and miss! Strike 2 !!! One more and you're out!

With prejudice in Christ, Weather

Monday, October 18, 2021

October Prophecy Update - 

Greetings friends, in the amazing name of Jesus Christ.

    A truly incredible prophetic sign was given to me just a few weeks ago. At that time I was house sitting for a friend who has a home in the woods of the mountains of North Carolina. One day while house sitting, God was telling me the 522 mb sign cleared from my phone (1 of the 8 signs in the California Yom Kippur mega quake dream) is not just in reference to the year 2022, but was pointing to the date given in the dream, October 5, that it’s 5.22 years. Boy, did that provoke my curiosity, so from there, I began to calculate what 5.22 years from that event, the 522 mb cleared from my phone, would be; if that 5.22 years into the future landed on October 5th, the date given in the dream. If it did, man o man, that would be an incredible God given pin point accuracy.

    So I began to convert 5.22 years ahead thru the site. To make a long story short, here is the chart below of it all (also at

    As you can see, because the fast reboot app doesn’t give to the hundredth decimal, 5.22 years ahead lands between October 4th to October 7th 2022, but because God has been speaking to me for years with the #22 and especial the #222 (in the free PDF book at, October 5th lands in the 5.222 range, an incredible synchronizing sign to me with the many other 222 signs. For God to get it down to the hundredth decimal, is a pretty incredible sign. The actual decimal to midnight October 5th is 5.2223

    Another incredible sign synchronizing with that, I had was last month, when I went to visit a vineyard church. The Pastor’s sermon there was on “The Great Shakings.” He must have used the word shakings 70+ times in that sermon. Unbeknownst to me, I hit the record button on my phone to record that sermon at 11:11 AM. I unbeknownst decided to stop recording it at 22:37 long, but the video wound up being 22:38 long. Either way, if you convert 22:22 into a decimal, it comes to 22.37. If you convert 22:23 into a decimal its 22.38, coinciding with the 5.2223, to midnight October 5th, another pin point accuracy. This happened on September 12th, 2021. September 12th and 13th is special to me because I am on watch to see if the Japan tsunami hits at that time and have been given plenty of numerical synchronicity to that time to watch. September 12th/13th is also 22 days to October 5th. Also Sept 12 at 11:11 to October 5th at 9:11 is 22 days a 22 hours in between.

    September 12th, 2022 is the day after the 21 year anniversary (777) of 911, and may be a time for the atonement from that to begin, which would be the tsunami, then leading weeks later into the mega quake. 911 has caused the lives of millions of people over seas to be destroyed in war and an atonement needs to be made. The US will pay a terrible price for it’s evil of dollar hegemony from that blood shed. God does not let innocent blood spilt go unpunished. An atonement needs to be paid back for that evil. For those of you who know the corrupt economic game that’s being played, you can understand this. For those who buy the ignorance of the media official story, you won’t.

    These synchronicity of God moving me to have these signs, is quite fascinating to me.

    Another set of number signs was when I was making my newest YouTube video on the 522 sign. As I was making that video I snapped a pic of my page of the list of dreams to put in the video and low and behold, it had 222 likes. Immediately upon finishing editing that video, I hopped in my van seat to go to do my first mailing of the California Yom Kippur book to the post office. The time read 11:11. I’ve had so many of these signs. I’m convinced the Holy Spirit is upon me to time me to these signs, often at specific events relating to the California mega quake.

    I was chatting with a new friend the other day on some of these signs and told him, I feel a responsibility to go to California and warn the people. I’ve been given so many incredible signs on this with dreams and visions, and also from others, that I feel woe is me if I do not sound the trumpet on this. I told him, if it didn’t happen, and I’m deceived, well, at least I did the responsible thing and warned people, but I know what God has shown me and so, I’m going to California soon to warn the people. If it was just the mega quake with no early warning sign of tsunami coming weeks ahead, I could do nothing because who would believe, but because of the tsunami early warning sign, people getting that information, would convince them to evacuate by October, thus saving lives and in the process, winning souls. That tsunami from Japan is what to watch for and with these synchronicites, it appears to be September 12 or the 13 it may hit. I use soft language on that because I haven't been shown that directly in a dream with many signs following, like I was shown October 5th. Regardless, people getting the tsunami warning for September, will alert them to the mega quake coming weeks later, in October.

    I am mailing out over 6 hundred copies of my free PDF book at the site, along with the cost of .98 stamps for them. This is money out of my own pocket and I receive no donations for anything I do on this. That, along with this tour to California I’m doing is going to cost out of my own pocket, close to ten grand and a lot of wear and tear on my van, as I proceed to travel all over California spreading the word. I am sufficiently equipped to do this job of a prophetic kingdom currier. My goal is to deliver also, a quarter of a million fliers throughout the state. I will be flyering cars, not people so much. If you’ve ever done track evangelism, this is by far, the best method of getting the word out to many more people. Some people will not take a flier hand out, but getting it into their car to take with them, is a great time for them to think of it as they are driving and later visit the web site, where they can download the early warning earthquake/tsunami alert app. Here is a copy of that flier.

    Until then, I am helping a house fellowship to expand a build out on their house and as soon as the trim out on that is done, I head to California. Above all things I need, please pray for my protection. This is most needed. The demons hold much jurisdiction in California because of sin, but God is faithful and I’m under his jurisdiction. Pray the enemy does not hinder or do me harm, for he does try, doesn’t he? Pray for angelic protection and Holy Spirit anointing and for me to be sensitive to his tugs and turns. Pray his church in California wakens to be ready to move. Pray for the Christian brethren in California. Our brothers and sisters in Christ need this word, so they would escape the destructions coming to ruin that place. They will suffer great loss, loosing their houses and many jobs. Pray in the surrounding States, of Christians to be ready to receive these beloved. They will be mega quaked out of houses and infrastructure will be out for months if not longer.

    Until next month, see you hear again. In Christ, Weather,